OPED has development a sensor and an associated app for outpatient rehabilitation following knee injury. The Orthelligent KNEE product is a piece of software (app) that can provide a visual representation of the movements of the lower limb measured by the movement sensor. This exact analysis allows reliable conclusions concerning the healing process - ideal for function-based after-care in the area of knee injuries.


  • Comparison of the healthy leg and injured leg
  • Monitoring of the patient's individual healing progress
  • Tangible calculation of the injury's healing stage
    • Easy set-up of the sensor

Small sensor – huge effect

OPED has developed a movement sensor which can analyse particular movements and therefore provide precise conclusions about the healing process after a knee injury. In co-operation with Prof. Dr. Höher from the Sports Clinic Cologne, the sensor, as well as the associated app, was designed in such a way that the doctor, therapist and the patient can draw conclusions, for example, about the development of particular motor skills. This insight is designed to help with keeping an eye on the recovery progress and the effect of treatment methods used. The sensor can be combined with the ADAVGOknee orthosis developed by OPED, or used by itself. The Orthelligent Knee App guides the patient in different movement tests which are evaluated straight afterwards. Thanks to the advancement - Orthelligent Pro - several patients can now also be managed in a database. 

Video instructions for the individual tests

The right test at the right time

There are currently six texts, separated in three categories: Range of motion, co-ordination and strength/speed. These tests may be carried out at different times, depending on the recovery progress.


Range of motion

Kniewinkelmessung passiv

Passive Angle Measurement

Kniewinkelmessung aktiv

Active Angle Measurement



Angle Reproduction

Funktionelle Stabilität - Einbeinstand

Functional Stability


Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump

Side Hop

Side Hop

Graphical representation of recovery progress

Thanks to Orthelligent KNEE, you, as the therapist/doctor, will know more. You can see the development of the patient’s motor skills and can therefore draw conclusions about the recovery progress. You can also see how your treatment methods are working. The graphical results are available immediately. This means you get direct bio feedback about your patient’s state of health.