Digital screening via a sensor and app for function-based aftercare - Orthelligent is a practical, location-independent and cost-effective measuring system that is used for prevention and rehabilitation. It uses different tests to analyse certain motion sequences and displays the results graphically. In this way, the current actual state can be determined, both after an injury and during normal training.

Your advantages

  • Comparison of healthy and injured leg
  • Monitoring the patient’s personal healing progression
  • Patients better informed and more motivated
  • Quality of result is ensured
  • Evaluate test results locally on tablet in the cloud
  • Suitable for implementing function-based post treatment every day

Small sensor - big impact

The Orthelligent movement sensor analyses movement sequences on the lower extremities while the connected app evaluates the results and displays them in graphic form. These evaluations provide more precise conclusions about the healing process after a knee or ankle injury. The app evalutes the results from the different tests and compares the patient’s healthy leg to the injured one. The Orthelligent Pro app guides the patient through the different movement tests, which are then evaluated immediately. This allows you as the physician or therapist to draw conclusions on the development of certain motor functions, for example. This insight helps with keeping an eye on the recovery progress and the effect of treatment methods used. Another development of the app now makes it possible to manage any number of patients in a data base.

Orthelligent Pro Developed in cooperation with Sportsclinic Cologne

"The application is simple and fast."

"“We treat a great number of patients with knee complaints in our practice. In the course of this we keep a rehabilitation log based on science and field-tested, which contains the various tests for assessing current capability. With the OPED sensor, we can collect this data precisely in a short time. Application is easy and goes quickly so that there is still enough time for therapy and training for the patient. The customer is also more motivated in training when they can track their performance progress via an app.”"

- Dr. Tanja Hohmann, Physio-Konzept Praxis Stadionbad, Köln -

What is measured?

The current tests are grouped into three categories: Range of movement, co-ordination and strength/speed. The tests may be carried out at different times.

Range of motion

The range of motion of a joint is measured in degrees. In the case of the knee joint, the full extension is described as 0 degrees and is important for the natural gait. The max. flexion is on average 130°. In younger people, it is up to 160°. A human, for example, needs a flexion up to 70° to walk on a normal flat surface. For climbing stairs, a flexion of 80 to 90° is required. 120° flexion are required so you can get out of a deep chair or stand up from a toilet seat. A minimum of 110° is required for cycling.

Orthelligent Pro Test Winkelmessung passiv Bewegungsausmaß

Passive angle measurement

Already in the early rehabilitation phase, the range of movement can be passively measured.

Orthelligent Pro Test Streckdefizit Bewegungsausmaß

Extension deficit

For a natural gait, stretching extremely important. In a few seconds, you will see the possible deficit.

Orthelligent Pro Test Winkelmessung aktiv Bewegungsausmaß

Active angle measurement

As soon as the patient is full weightbearing again, the range of movement can be actively measured.

Orthelligent Pro Test Dorsalextension Bewegungsausmaß

Dorsal extension

This test offers a simple and fast possibility of measuring the range of movement in the ankle joint. No more annoying measuring with a measuring tape.


Coordination is the ability to control and harmonise movements. This must often be re-learned after an injury. Balance and the sensitivity to depth are important for correct muscle control. These senses must be mastered again before the next phase of strength/endurance can begin.

Orthelligent Pro Test One leg Squat Koordination

One leg Squat

How stable is the knee at a flexion of 20°-30°? How much does the knee go into medial collapse?

Orthelligent Pro Test Einbeinstand Koordination

Functional stability

How stable is the knee or ankle joint after 20 sec. of load? How strong are the movements laterally and medially?

Orthelligent Pro Test Y-Balance Koordination


Does the measured person have limitations in the knee, foot or hip joint? With Orthelligent Pro, a cumbersome entry and calculation of values is now obsolete.

Orthelligent Pro Test Winkelreproduktion Koordination

Angle reproduction

Quantification of proprioceptive performance in the knee joint. How exactly does the person hit a predetermined angle from your joint position? How high is the deviation here?


If an athlete wants to go back to playing his sport after an injury, strength/quickness is especially important here. Here the possible deficits can be pointed out in order to, among other things, prevent another injury.

Orthelligent Pro Test Vertical Jump Kraft und Schnelligkeit

Vertical Jump

How high does the measured person jump on one leg? What power does he have again?

Orthelligent Pro Test Distance Jump Kraft und Schnelligkeit

Distance Jump

How far and well does the person land? The jumping distance can be optionally quickly recorded with our rug and documented directly in the app.

Orthelligent Pro Test Side Hop Kraft und Schnelligkeit

Side Hop

What strength/endurance does the person have for their sport again? How many side hops can the person do in 30 seconds?

Orthelligent Pro Test Drop Jump Kraft und Schnelligkeit

Drop Jump

Does the user have a medial collapse in the jumping/landing movement? Is the person stable enough again to compete?

Orthelligent Pro Test Speedy Jump Kraft und Schnelligkeit

Speedy Jump

Does the user have the necessary coordination, strength and speed to compete again? How many sec. does he need to complete the small course?

Tests for feet or tests for knees Orthelligent Pro

All test videos at a glance

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Testvideo passive angle measurement Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Extension deficit Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo active angle measurement Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Dorsal extension Orthelligent Pro
 Testvideo One leg Squat Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Functional stability Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Y-Balance Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Vertical Jump Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Distance Jump Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Side hop Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Drop Jump Orthelligent Pro
Testvideo Speedy Jump Orthelligent Pro

Analysis of data in the cloud

The Orthelligent Pro app guides the patient through the different movement tests, which are then evaluated immediately. This allows you as the physician or therapist to draw conclusions on the development of certain motor functions, for example. This insight helps with keeping an eye on the recovery progress and the effect of treatment methods used.

Package selection

Buy Orthelligent Pro with extensive client management for your practice - no matter whether as a doctor, physiotherapist or fitness trainer. There are three different packages to choose from.

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Empfehlung Orthelligent Pro OKPHYSIO Oliver Kurz

"With Orthelligent Pro from OPED..."

"... we are able to document our therapeutic success in physiotherapy and medical training therapy in no time, in a way that is science-based and future-oriented. It helps us identify shortcomings in the patient and deal with them uniquely. A tool that is absolutely essential to modern knee rehabilitation."

- Oliver Kurz, Geschäftsführer, OKPHYSIO therapie & training GmbH -